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UV Protect SP



Spray type UV protect SPF50+PA+++

You can use this product to wear sun block on your make up.

Airy powder combination not to be sticky!     
The silky finish that the skin can takes a deep breath        
Quick-drying without white float and stickiness         
SPF50+PA +++

UV citron ceramide combination
Water proof which is strong in sweat


H 146mm x W 40mm x D 40mm, 60g


Retail price 1,260JPY (Tax included)

Aqua Nail Clear Coat



With one article, triple functions
1.The super fast-dry topcoat which is kind and not stinking to the nail.

2.Basecoat of the super smooth touch that it is easy to paint.
3.The nail care coat which supplies humidity to scarfskin and nail.

Organic solvent-free (ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, toluene, isopropanol)
Nnitrocellulose and formaldehyde-free


H 130mm x W 70mm x D 28mm 10ml 46g


Retail price 1,260JPY (Tax included)


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